Saturday, 10 March 2012

8. Everything Haul.

Today I went shopping with mum and got a bunch of things!
We went to Typo and I got a couple of cheap items. 

This is a really cute tote bag, raising money for the Cotton On foundation, they support people in Uganda. $2.

This is a really awesome notebook. On the 'Ruled' side, the pages are ruled, and the 'Blank' side, they are blank! It's just for little notes for uni. On sale for $3! 

Mum bough me a Pandora charm for getting into uni! Very random. It's really cute, with hearts all over. $30.

Like I said it my one of my previous blogs, I really needed a new foundation. I looked up some sites and saw that Revlon ColourStay is generally the best for oily/combo skin, which is what I have. I hate spending money on make up, haha, but this is a great brand, and will last me ages! The colour is natural beige. $37.95

Next is this lipstick from Rimmel. I needed a nude lipstick for everyday wear, and this one wasn't too shimmery. The colour is birthday suit. $9.95. 

I've decided to try out the 'Model's Prefer' range from Priceline. It looks really professional, and it's all at really great prices. I got a free 'look book organiser', not that great, but it's free. It was also 3 for 2, so I saved about $30!

Finishing Viel: $16.99
Mineral Eyeshadow Duo, colour: brown and dirty: $12.99
Eyeshadow Quad, colour: strut your stuff: $9.99 (free in the special.)
Blush, colour beauty addict: $9.99
Highlighter, colour glitz and glamour: $9.99 (free in the special.)
Duo concealer: $11.99
Liquid liner, colour: jet black: $9.99 (free in the special.)

I also went to Target and got a really cute top, and 2 pairs of jeans. Really needed those!

I'll probably do a make up blog soon, showing the products on my face.



  1. Yay for buying things! I forgot how expensive buying makeup was in Australia! I remember when I was there last year and ran out of the same foundation and I couldn't believe the cost, its about 12 pounds here, so I made my husband buy some and post it over :P I think its a great foundation, great coverage and staying power x

  2. Yeah, it's pretty bad! I'm just really glad that there was some sales on. :P Oh good! I was worried that it's not gonna be awesome, so I'm glad you give it a good review! I picked a really good shade straight off, quite proud. Haha.