Tuesday, 20 March 2012

12. Sitting.

I've just got home from a really long day at university. 8:30am - 6:30pm. But I had to get up at 6am as my train is at 7am to get me there on time. It's a long, long day for me. I'm a lover of sleep, always a top priority.
I have 4 girl friends at university that I've made in the past 5 weeks of being there. Today I was talking to two of them and have finally reached the stage where we can talk about pretty much anything. It's awesome. I haven't had girl best friends in over a year so it's so refreshing. They have really made my start to uni easier and have helped me become more confident within my work. They are really amazing people and it's just so comforting there are 4 girls around who will be there for me, whenever.
Sorry for the dorky post, it's just been a real highlight of my past month.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

11. Back in the city.

I'm back at my Aunt's for the week. Another week of uni/placement to be had. Extremely early mornings and long, eventful days.
I'm hoping to hear back from the real estate agent this week about some units I applied for. Hopefully I get one, and can move in as soon as possible to stop the unbearable driving back and forwards. Stupid. I have quite my job, one more shift left and then I don't have a reason to go back to my hometown! Yay! 
I'm hanging out for this weekend. It's my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend and we are going away for a night. First night alone together since January! Should be cute. He bought me this Pandora charm as an early present. He's my kitty cat, so it's a cute reminder of him to have. 

I've finally nearly filled up a section, so I can get the little stopper things to keep them from moving around everywhere. We are just getting each other little presents, so I'm going to find a cool keyring or something for him. Dorky, but fine. Plus I've made him something really cool, which I won't say incase he reads this!

I'm trying to update as often as I can but time is limited and no one reads this anyways. :) 

Monday, 12 March 2012

10. Gift ideas!

Hey. :) Soon my boyfriend and I have our six month anniversary. We aren't doing anything too big, just a night away. I'm already making him some personal things, and I just need something else to finish my presents off.
If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

9. Finding rent is hard.

I'm currently looking for rent around where I go to uni, and it's tough! I'm not made of money, so there isn't A LOT of places to apply for. Plus, I'd prefer to live by myself so no one to share the rent. Ah well.

The hunt begins. 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

8. Everything Haul.

Today I went shopping with mum and got a bunch of things!
We went to Typo and I got a couple of cheap items. 

This is a really cute tote bag, raising money for the Cotton On foundation, they support people in Uganda. $2.

This is a really awesome notebook. On the 'Ruled' side, the pages are ruled, and the 'Blank' side, they are blank! It's just for little notes for uni. On sale for $3! 

Mum bough me a Pandora charm for getting into uni! Very random. It's really cute, with hearts all over. $30.

Like I said it my one of my previous blogs, I really needed a new foundation. I looked up some sites and saw that Revlon ColourStay is generally the best for oily/combo skin, which is what I have. I hate spending money on make up, haha, but this is a great brand, and will last me ages! The colour is natural beige. $37.95

Next is this lipstick from Rimmel. I needed a nude lipstick for everyday wear, and this one wasn't too shimmery. The colour is birthday suit. $9.95. 

I've decided to try out the 'Model's Prefer' range from Priceline. It looks really professional, and it's all at really great prices. I got a free 'look book organiser', not that great, but it's free. It was also 3 for 2, so I saved about $30!

Finishing Viel: $16.99
Mineral Eyeshadow Duo, colour: brown and dirty: $12.99
Eyeshadow Quad, colour: strut your stuff: $9.99 (free in the special.)
Blush, colour beauty addict: $9.99
Highlighter, colour glitz and glamour: $9.99 (free in the special.)
Duo concealer: $11.99
Liquid liner, colour: jet black: $9.99 (free in the special.)

I also went to Target and got a really cute top, and 2 pairs of jeans. Really needed those!

I'll probably do a make up blog soon, showing the products on my face.


7. Weight loss help!!

2 blogs in one day. Woah. 

I reeaaaally need to lose weight.
85+ kgs, ain't good.
I need tips, and asap. Help me. :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

6. Oh dear.

Haha. I haven't blogged in a long time.
So, Kony 2012. I'm sure everyone's seen it. I'm in full support of raising awareness. He's an evil man who needs to be brought to justice. I know that Invisible Children (the organisation) has some troubles, but this campaign is all about awareness. Just putting that out there.

Uni's been fun - ish.

I need a new foundation, preferable powder. My Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse had made me have massive breakouts and very oily skin. PLEASE recommend! 


Thursday, 1 March 2012

4. An apology.

Dear everyone!
I am so sorry for not posting over the past week.. and a bit. Here's why!
I had my university orientation last week. Amazing times. But alas, very busy.
And then it was my 19th birthday last Friday! Amazing day, was very spoilt. Then all, last weekend I have been preparing for my first week of uni, which was this week! So good, I've loved every minute. It's Monday to Wednesday, then in 2 weeks we do placement as well on Thursday and Friday. VERY busy, but so, so worth it! I love it so much. But I haven't had a steady internet connection/time to post on here. And I won't until I eventually move in, hopefully within a month.
So, I don't know how often posts will be, but I still plan to follow what I was doing, just not everyday.
I love you. :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

3. Rant Wednesday.

So today I'm in the city, headed for my university orientation day. So for the next two days I'm stuck with metro trains in all their shitness.
First train was 2 mins late. I'm definitely not complaining, that's good for here. But everything is delayed. At the main station where I had to swap trains, the goddamn escalator was broken so we had to walk up the steep ass escalator. That would be play if the whole city wasnt trying to do the same thing. Then I got this bitchyness fr some woman with her daughter saying 'let this girl (side note, definitely not a little girl.) go through. She obviously wants too.'
Of course I do! My train is supposed to leave NOW. Very annoying.
Now I'm on the other delayed train, luckily it's still going to give me heaps of time to find the building and room I'm supposed to be in.
I get lost easy.

Until next time, you know you love me. xoxo, goss- I mean.. Bye!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2. Product Tuesday.

Hello there. :)
Tuesdays I review a product that I love, or hate.
Today, it's something I adore. Completely.

This is my Natio Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15.
(Please excuse my work uniform.)

I love this stuff. My mum gave me a sample of it a few months ago and I have used it everyday since.
It's a 'lightweight smoothing lotion. Helps prevent premature ageing. Orange, lavender, ylang ylang.'
It smells so yum. It's not really thick, but isn't watery either. It's really great for my skin (combination) and really goes well with my exfoliator and cleanser. I recommend this to everyone, and you!

Price: $16.95 (Australian) from Priceline.
Rating: 9/10. It would be 10 but although the smell is awesome, it stays around for a while. 

I love this, try some for yourself. :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Look at what I got today!

1. YouTube Monday.

Hey everyone. Today I'm excited to start blogging for you.
On Monday's I'll be posting my favourite YouTubers. Anything from comedians, to vloggers, to musicians, etc. YouTube has so many great people out there that everyone should know about.

This week's YouTuber is DAILY GRACE.
The video about is a hilarious video about Tampons, or 'Tampies' as Grace likes to call them.
Daily Grace is one of the funniest, talented, gorgeous vloggers I have come across. Each weekday she does a themed video. (Which is obviously where I got the idea for this blog.)
She delightfully awkward and has really good comedic timing.
If I'm bored, I just watch Daily Grace videos. If I'm sad, I just watch Daily Grace videos. If I'm anything, I just watch Daily Grace videos.
Watch the video above, go to her channel, watch more, subscribe. You'll want to.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I'm Laura. Each day of the week I have a theme post.

Monday: YOUTUBE. I'm a huge fan of YouTube. I'll post a YouTuber I like, tell you about them. Might be a vlogger, comedian, musician, other.
Tuesday: PRODUCT. I post a review, picture and demo of a product I am loving at the moment. Could be skincare, makeup, food, other.
Wednesday: RANT. I'm a ranter. By the middle of the week I'll definitely have something to rant about. 
Thursday: MUSIC. A favourite song, artist, album or even one of my covers.
Friday: ADVICE/ANYTHING. I'll give advice if anyone asks for it, or I'll post something random.
On the weekends I'll post outfits, or anything I find. 
This is also on Tumblr (my 'homepage' on here), so follow me there too!