Thursday, 1 March 2012

4. An apology.

Dear everyone!
I am so sorry for not posting over the past week.. and a bit. Here's why!
I had my university orientation last week. Amazing times. But alas, very busy.
And then it was my 19th birthday last Friday! Amazing day, was very spoilt. Then all, last weekend I have been preparing for my first week of uni, which was this week! So good, I've loved every minute. It's Monday to Wednesday, then in 2 weeks we do placement as well on Thursday and Friday. VERY busy, but so, so worth it! I love it so much. But I haven't had a steady internet connection/time to post on here. And I won't until I eventually move in, hopefully within a month.
So, I don't know how often posts will be, but I still plan to follow what I was doing, just not everyday.
I love you. :)

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