Wednesday, 22 February 2012

3. Rant Wednesday.

So today I'm in the city, headed for my university orientation day. So for the next two days I'm stuck with metro trains in all their shitness.
First train was 2 mins late. I'm definitely not complaining, that's good for here. But everything is delayed. At the main station where I had to swap trains, the goddamn escalator was broken so we had to walk up the steep ass escalator. That would be play if the whole city wasnt trying to do the same thing. Then I got this bitchyness fr some woman with her daughter saying 'let this girl (side note, definitely not a little girl.) go through. She obviously wants too.'
Of course I do! My train is supposed to leave NOW. Very annoying.
Now I'm on the other delayed train, luckily it's still going to give me heaps of time to find the building and room I'm supposed to be in.
I get lost easy.

Until next time, you know you love me. xoxo, goss- I mean.. Bye!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2. Product Tuesday.

Hello there. :)
Tuesdays I review a product that I love, or hate.
Today, it's something I adore. Completely.

This is my Natio Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15.
(Please excuse my work uniform.)

I love this stuff. My mum gave me a sample of it a few months ago and I have used it everyday since.
It's a 'lightweight smoothing lotion. Helps prevent premature ageing. Orange, lavender, ylang ylang.'
It smells so yum. It's not really thick, but isn't watery either. It's really great for my skin (combination) and really goes well with my exfoliator and cleanser. I recommend this to everyone, and you!

Price: $16.95 (Australian) from Priceline.
Rating: 9/10. It would be 10 but although the smell is awesome, it stays around for a while. 

I love this, try some for yourself. :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Look at what I got today!

1. YouTube Monday.

Hey everyone. Today I'm excited to start blogging for you.
On Monday's I'll be posting my favourite YouTubers. Anything from comedians, to vloggers, to musicians, etc. YouTube has so many great people out there that everyone should know about.

This week's YouTuber is DAILY GRACE.
The video about is a hilarious video about Tampons, or 'Tampies' as Grace likes to call them.
Daily Grace is one of the funniest, talented, gorgeous vloggers I have come across. Each weekday she does a themed video. (Which is obviously where I got the idea for this blog.)
She delightfully awkward and has really good comedic timing.
If I'm bored, I just watch Daily Grace videos. If I'm sad, I just watch Daily Grace videos. If I'm anything, I just watch Daily Grace videos.
Watch the video above, go to her channel, watch more, subscribe. You'll want to.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I'm Laura. Each day of the week I have a theme post.

Monday: YOUTUBE. I'm a huge fan of YouTube. I'll post a YouTuber I like, tell you about them. Might be a vlogger, comedian, musician, other.
Tuesday: PRODUCT. I post a review, picture and demo of a product I am loving at the moment. Could be skincare, makeup, food, other.
Wednesday: RANT. I'm a ranter. By the middle of the week I'll definitely have something to rant about. 
Thursday: MUSIC. A favourite song, artist, album or even one of my covers.
Friday: ADVICE/ANYTHING. I'll give advice if anyone asks for it, or I'll post something random.
On the weekends I'll post outfits, or anything I find. 
This is also on Tumblr (my 'homepage' on here), so follow me there too!